Once upon a time – as oral tradition says – the Varanganni (the name Dwarves call themselves) were a sea-faring people of blood-thirsty conquerors. Reaching out from their mountain homeland, Rhoos, through the countless fjords they ranged far and wide across the world. They traded peacefully in some areas, while in others they devastated the settlements of the indigenous people they met.

It seemed their was nothing beyond their reach, nothing they weren’t capable of achieving. They had the world at their feet. That is until the travelled the Great Ocean and encountered the Elves for the first time. And how they paid the price for their reckless and violent ways.

The Elves defeated the Varanganni in every battle they fought across the Great Ocean. Not content with sending them home, the Elves pursued them back across the seas. Capturing or destroying their fortified towns and outposts along the way. The Elves, joined by the Humans, pushed the Varanganni all the way back to the mountains of Rhoos. Even their it did not stop, and after decades of fighting, the Varanganni were finally defeated with the survivors dispersing across the land.

They founded isolated mountain strongholds and retreated from the world. Turning inwards seeking answers for their defeat. The conclusion was that it was punishment for their violence and cruelty. Out of those dark times, evolved a new understanding of themselves; a new culture and belief. Now the Varanganni have a strict code of honour and a strong sense of fairness and justice. They have a guilt about their past and some have taken it upon themselves to see rights done and any wrongs amended. The Varanganni have long lives and even longer memories.

They no longer take to the seas in any great numbers – believing that to do so runs the risk of bringing back that distant madness. Indeed, they rarely travel beyond their mountain homes at all, preferring to remain at peace with themselves away from the other races. They do, however, take pride in their cultural knowledge of engineering, mining and metalwork. Those that do venture forth are always seeking to scavenge what old equipment they can find. Only the Varanganni seem capable of bringing back to live what was once forgotten.

Starting Attributes and Skills

Agility 2D Alertness, Balance, Climb, Dodge, Rope Use, Throw
Caving 3D Detect Slopes, Mining, Recognise Unnatural Stonework, Survival. One of: Know Depth, Know Direction, Know Distance
Commerce 2D Appraise, Stewardship, Trade
Composure 2D Bravery, Concentrate, Leadership, Rally, Resist Mind Attacks, Resist Torture
Constitution 3D Natural Healing, Resist Disease, Resist Poison, Resist Shock, Stamina, Taste
Craft 2D Any three skills
Culture 2D Etiquette, Gossip, Law and Justice, Local Lore
Perception 2D Follow Tracks, Listen, Reveal Illusion, Spot Detail
Personality 2D Command, Con, Flirting, Information Gathering, Orate, Persuade, Politics, Romance
Strength 3D Intimidate, Lift, Jump, Muscle, Resist Paralysis, Swimming

Starting Weapon Skills

Brawl 2D Melee
Club 2D Melee
Hand Axe 2D Melee, Throw (5)
Knife 2D Melee, Throw (5)
Wrestling 2D Break, Grab, Pin, Takedown

Racial Merits

Low Light Vision

Racial Flaws

Oath Bound


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