She is short, even for an elf, with a serene ageless face. She has an air of authority and power – one used to giving commands and being obeyed.

Remina is in the village to conduct peace talks with a human delegation. They are attempting to each reduce their power vaults and step back from the point of destroying the whole world.


Baron Reaver (host to the ambassadorial party)
Earl Bels Reinhart (human ambassador in negotiations with)

Party Interaction

Hunted – Remina is in the council hall when the party are asked to report on their findings over the last few days. She evades many questions but can confirm that the shadowy figure seen has been associated with Orcs in other regions.

Smoke Without FireRinjiminee has one dance with Remina during the night’s festivities.

Stalled Negotiations – introduces herself to the party and asks them to keep her informed of any news they may hear around the village. She is particularly keen to learn why the Humans have stopped attending the negotiations.


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