Finn and Thenn

Merchants, Human Twins


Finn and Thenn are twins. They are both short and gaunt. They have shoulder length dark hair. Finn has brown eyes, while Thenn has grey. They are both seen to be quite angry when one of their wagons is burnt to a shell.


  • Rymen Shokin (discovered his body on the way to Devlan)
  • Macatan Thrum (stole some fireworks from the merchants and believed to have burnt their wagon)
  • Baron Reaver (promised to pay for burnt fireworks and wagon to compensate them for their loss)

Party Interaction

Smoke Without Fire – A wagon belonging to the merchants is burnt to a shell and still smouldering away when the party arrives back from their search for Earl Bels Reinhart.

Stalled Negotiations – Finn and Thenn arrive in Devlan while the party is searching for information on the missing Earl Bels Reinhart. They carry the body of Rymen Shokin.

Finn and Thenn

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