Clerical Talents


  • Analyse Illness – this permits the cleric to examine a patient and determine the cause of their illness.
  • Cure Illness – with this talent, the cleric can cure an illness. The difficult will depend on the nature of the illness.


  • Bless – the Cleric blesses their allies with fighting ability when used in accordance with the Cleric’s beliefs. One character is blessed per five rolled. Blessed characters receive a +1D to all attack rolls. Bless can only be used once per encounter and lasts for the duration of the encounter. The Bless is not cumulative with other powers or magic, so +1D is the maximum bonus that can be applied.


  • Draw Water – with this talent the Cleric can draw water from the ground. For every five points rolled, enough water is drawn for a single person for a day.

Clerical Talents

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