Character Experience

Character Points

The main character experience is based on a reward system of character points (CPs). These are earned during play for achieving goals, defeating opponents, player involvement and good role-playing. As a general guide, CPs are earned from the following:

  • +1 to +3 for completing the adventure, depending on the difficulty and success outcome.
  • +1 for each encounter successfully completed – not all encounters are resolved by combat.
  • +1 for active involvement.
  • +1 to +3 for good role-playing and having fun.
  • +1 for meeting personal goals.

CPs are then spent in downtime improving skills. Skills are improved from xD to xD+1 to xD+2 to yD, where y = x+1. It costs one CP per value of x to increase a skill. For example, to increase a skill from 2D to 2D+1 will cost two points. To increase a skill from 3D+1 to 3D+2 will cost three points. To increase a skill from 2D+2 to 3D will cost two points.

Additional Merits can be purchased at a cost of 10 CPs. Additional Flaws can also be taken yielding 10 CPs to be spent elsewhere. When dealing with Merits and Flaws, the player must have a good reason for why these have appeared and cannot just be purchased for power-boosts.

Attributes can be increased but it costs 20 x current D-level.

Fate Points

A fate point can be spent during the course of any encounter. It has the effect of doubling all of the character’s skills, weapons and talents for a single round. This allows the character to achieve extraordinary feats to overcome particularly powerful opponents.

If the Fate Point is used in a very heroic manner, the character will have the Fate Point returned at the end of the adventure and also be rewarded with a bonus Fate Point.

If the Fate Point is used in a suitable but non-heroic manner, the Fate Point will be returned at the end of the adventure.

Finally, if the Fate Point is used for selfish ends or wasted in a situation that it is not really required, it will not be returned. With this, it is possible for a character to have 0 Fate Points. To earn their first one, the character must achieve something heroic during an adventure without the aid of any Fate Points.

Character Experience

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