Baron Reaver

Innkeeper (The Bull Arms and Mayor of Devlan, Human


He is in his 40s with sparse gray hair and a round face. Despite being overweight, he walks lightly.

Baron is used to having to deal with people coming to him with their problems. He does his best at trying to keep everyone happy.



Party Interaction

Hunted – Baron Reaver asks for volunteers to search the surrounding area for any surviving villagers that fled during the attack. If possible, any Orcs found should be killed too.

Smoke Without Fire – As the party return from their search for Earl Bels Reinhart, they find Baron trying to soothe and angry Finn and Thenn whose wagon has been burnt to a shell. He is later encountered at the Bull Arms, after the party persuade Per, Doran and Macatan to own up to the fireworks being stolen.

Stalled Negotiations – Baron asks the party to make some inquiries as to why the Human delegation has stopped attending the negotiations.

The Road North – the characters arrive to speak to Baron at his inn one morning. He believes they are there in response to his request for volunteers to patrol the surrounding countryside. He offers free food and board as payment. In addition, he asks that they head north to Thoram’s farm as he is overdue in the village.

Baron Reaver

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