The Eye of the Dragon

Welcome to the East Coast

Watching the shadowy figure leave, the group head across the square and enter an inn. They manage to book a room for the night. Cedrick excuses himself and goes off into the night. The party suspect what he’s up to but decide to turn a blind eye and ask no questions.

Settling into the main room of the inn, Willis and Rinjiminee are surprised to find Lorana here too. They sit together and swap stories of their recent encounters, Willis choosing to do his version in interpretative dance. Lorana stayed longer at the Devlan before following some Orc trails south-west of the village. She came across a strange tunnel that passed through miles and miles of mountains in only a few hundred metres.

Rinjiminee points out that they visited the same tunnels and asks “did you steal the gem?”

“What gem?” Lorana asks.

“The gem on the pedestal.” Rinjiminee replies.

“I didn’t see any pedestal. I just stayed on the main tunnel.”

Rinjiminee relates the story of how time passes differently after passing through the tunnels. From there they went on to Voices to cross the ferry and down to Himartys still searching for the Dantha e’Tan ambassador and the missing youths. They were only a few days behind her and heard she’d be heading to Newport. They’ve left Grim there keeping an eye on the great ship that is in harbour. They heard nothing about Remina and came east following a song that might indicate where the gem known as The Eye of the Dragon is to be found.

Lorana, has experienced time different from travelling the tunnels. She came out and follow the Orcs eastward as they appeared to be searching for something or someone in small groups. She’s been in Linster for about a day trying to ask questions about the shadowy figures.

Attack of the Clones

With the exchange of tales over, the group listen to some gossip in the room. Rinjiminee hears that the Dantha e’Tan invaded the east of the island at the beginning of winter. Something he doesn’t believe having just come from there. Willis hears about how there has been a great increase in rats of the winter. Upon hearing that, he pushes his bowl of stew away suddenly not feeling hungry. Rinjiminee happily finishes it off. Lorana hears a tale about an underground city that is said to lie to the north.

The group agree that the city is probably their best lead and worth looking into. As they leave the inn the next morning, they enounter a Brin’eria, a Dantha e’Tan and a human. They attack. The Little Person first off a crossbow at Willis, while Rinjiminee fires his slug-thrower at the Little Person, both miss. As the human attacks Lorana, Willis attacks the human and Lorana attacks the Dantha e’Tan – who is making his way around the group to attack Rinjiminee.

Lorana takes a couple of hits, as the Little Person turns his crossbow to her. Willis trades blows with the human, who eventually retreats. The Dantha e’Tan, engaged with Rinjiminee, also retreats after a few rounds. Lorana, meanwhile, charges at the Bin’eria and wrestles him to the ground.

As they start to question their captive, the innkeeper comes out and tells them that they can’t stay around here, not after causing trouble like that. They’ll bring the Griffons down on them. The party initially take no heed of the warning and start to intimidate the Little Person. They learn that Mellon is the one that offered the bounty on their heads and he can be found at the guard barracks.

The innkeeper retreats as he spots the Griffons coming. Deciding to leave quickly, the three adventurers mount up, Willis taking the Bin’eria with him. As they head out of town, the pass a hospital. They stop to allow Lorana time to see to her wounds. Unfortunately, as she’s not willing to stay, the hospital can only give her a bottle of medicine which she is instructed to take every three hours.

Oh Rats!

After fleeing the town, Lorana has an unnatural feeling about the world around here. Turning around, she says a mass of rats heading towards them from the city. The group ride on a bit further and decide that they may have to leave the road. Almost deciding to head east to the coast and the sea, Lorana has that strange feeling again, this time coming ahead of them. A flock of a thousand crows can be sweeping across the landscape from hilltop to hilltop. Swopping down to kill and eat anything in their path. Trapped between the two animals, the group decide to try to outride them by heading west and inland.

The rats and crows meet and both turn to follow the party. Willis, being slow behind Lorana and Rinjiminee, decides to drop the Bin’eria with a casual remark of “he slipped.” After riding on for a couple of hours, Lorana slows and finally stops after having a feeling of peace come over her. The other stop too and become aware of that. It feels like the glade they encountered Koder in on the other side of the Barren Lands.

Watching the creatures close in, the rats and crows finally stop at some unseen line in the ground. Happy that they are not going to advance any further, the group start to explore this warded area. There are a couple of stands of trees and, as they discover, a standing stone on a small hillock near what would be the centre of the warded area. It is hard to tell but the stone may have once had symbols carved on it but the surface is badly weathered and eroded away. The group puzzle over the stone as they make camp.

The Griffon’s Claw

In the morning, Lorana goes of to scout out the area leaving Willis and Rinjiminee to have breakfast. Lorana returns to say the rats and crows have gone but there are horsemen heading towards them. They are wearing white cloaks. Beaking camp, the group elect to ride to the nearest stand of trees and hope to lose them. At first they head north through the woods but then Rinjiminee decides they should double back. His decisions seems to be a good one as coming out the woods again, there are no signs of the horsemen.

Galloping away back towards the road, the adventurers ride. Unfortunately, a cry goes up from behind them. The horsemen have spotted them and give chase. The group decide to slow down as the horsemen are on bigger and stronger mounts. With lances down, the ten horsemen circle the adventurers. One rider approaches and calmly states that they are under arrest for breaking the peace in Linster. He seems somewhat surprised when Willis’ response is “okay.” Lorana asks if they will be safe with them. The leader of this band, states that they are under the guard and protection of the Griffon until their trial can be arranged. She accepts that answer.

The group are lead back towards the camp of the Cult of the Griffon.



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