The Eye of the Dragon

Tales from the Past

Escapades in Newport

The party decides to continue its journey on to Newport as they still search for Reminamorenatheral and the youths that went with her. Travelling by the river they hail down a passing riverboat and offer to work their passage down to the city. The captain – Dunn Fargem – agrees, his hold is empty as he makes his way to the city to load up on goods to bring back up river.

The adventurers prove their worth a day later when the boat is ambushed by Goblins. As the creatures swing out over the boat, Willis, Cedrick and Morgrimm “Grim” Hammerbrow set about with their weapons. Meanwhile, Rinjiminee Haltergirdle stands fast firing his slug-thrower at the Goblin archers still on the banks. The Goblin boarding party is quickly killed and only one of the archers makes an escape.

The captain is grateful for the group’s help. No doubt he and his sailors would have survived more injuries if they hadn’t been present. He becomes more talkative during the rest of the journey towards Newport, offering advice on visiting the city. He recommends finding an inn away from the docks. He’s heard the Queen’s Blessing is a good place, but if they insist on staying somewhere cheaper then the Rag and Bone is probably the best place. As for questions to travelers to the city, he recommends speaking to the dock master, Jacko Windthen.

The Dockmaster can’t help any further. He suspects that the Dantha e’Tan that the group seek are still somewhere on the island. Rinjiminee asks what island he is talking about and is somewhat surprised to learn that they are on the island of Tolba. Having never been out of the Blane, he knows little of the world outside. Going back to the question, Jacko points out a large slender ship in the bay. It’s an Dantha e’Tan ocean-goer and arrived before the winter. Some of the travelers from the ship headed inland at that time. He doesn’t know of their return but he is only aware of what goes on around the docks. With the ship still here though, it’s unlikely the Dantha e’Tan have returned.

Somewhat discouraged by the news the party heads to the Rag and Bone inn to discuss their next plans. En-route, Cedrick feels they are being watched. He identifies a shady character heading into an alleyway and follows. As he reaches the entrance though, there is no one to be seen. He arrives at the inn lagging behind the others.

The group ponder how they’ve managed to go from being a few days behind Remina and her band to now being ahead of her. The obvious conclusion is that they overtook them by travelling down the river by boat. They make plans to head back inland towards Himartys and hopefully come across them along the way. First, they decide to head to the market to pick up some supplies.

As before, Cedrick feels they are being watched. He’s about to head into the alleyway again but this time stops and informs the others before continuing on. Willis and Rinjiminee follow and are set upon by several thugs. They kill all but one of them, a woman by the name of Kendra Strag. She and her band were set the task of watching for travelers coming into the city from upriver. She talks about her Master with fear in her voice. He is shadowy figure with burning red eyes. She informs the party of a meeting coming up the next night in which several new recruits are going to be chosen to join the ranks.

After questioning the group let Kendra go then realise that might have been a mistake. They could have investigated this meeting and learn more about them. However, Kendra will likely tell the others and it will be moved.

Returning to the Rag and Bone, the group are surprised to meet with Lina Lintham. She is here with her father. Her grandfather is missing, having left Devlan several hours after Remina left. They don’t know where he is but considered that he might come this as that was their plan all along.

The group ask Lina about the song they heard recently. She recognises the name and tune but knows slightly different words to it. She believes that some old knowledge was passed down to a new generation in stories and songs. Perhaps there is something to this Eye of the Dragon the song refers to.

Lina’s Version
Softly as in a morning sunrise, Softly in the morning sunrise,
The eye of love comes stealing, The Eye becomes seen,
Into a new born day. Into the new born day.
Flaming with all the glow of sunrise, Flaming with glowing power,
A burning kiss is sealing, Burning a vision clean,
A vow that all betray. To see that all betray.
For the passions that thrill love The passions that thrill love,
And take you high to heaven Take you high to heaven,
Are the passions that kill love The passions that kill love,
And let it fall away Let you fall to hell.
Softly as in a morning sunrise Softly in the morning sunrise,
The eye that gave you glory The Eye gives you knowing,
Will take it all away A will to light the way.
Blessed against the night,
Light and Darkness going,
Balance in the sway
The story never ends,
Memories fade away,
Myths come and go,
Legends in yesterday.
So ends the story, The story comes again,
Softly as it fades away To slowly fade away

The group make a decision to try to find this gem. Lina suggests they head to the east coast. If the song is correct then the references to the new day might mean a place facing the east and the rising sun.



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