Thoram Malt

Farmer and Devlan Councillor, Human


He is around 50 with grey hair sprinkled with black. His face is square and bold, his body muscular and well-built.

Thoram has a strong sense of justice, knowing right from wrong. He is kind and generous to most but harsh to anyone that crosses him. It is claimed he is the best archer in The Blane.



Known Skills

  • Long Bow: Missile – 5D
  • Long Sword – has a sword marked with a swordmaster’s mark.

Party Interaction

Hunted – The party find Thoram near death on the morning after the attack on Devlan by Orcs. As they take him back to Devlan he rambles on his delerium:

  • “The Isle of Newts. Why? So much death.”
  • “Bedokweiss. He came out of the mountains. Trapped us at the Isle.”
  • “Ballan’s Devilers. We called them that afterwards. Foolish.”
  • “Darla! My sweet wife. Forgive me.”
  • “I raised him well Darla. Our son. You’d be proud of him.”
  • “The towns of Saylem, plundered and razed to the ground. Women raped. Prisoners killed. The insanity of it all.”
  • “All for a Skull. So much violence. Horrifying yet beautiful.”
  • “A foundling in all the carnage. His mother dead and him a crying babe. We kept him safe.”
  • “If not for that bard, we would have died too.”

The Road North – Thoram is encountered by the party as he tries to repair his cart. He is on his way to Devlan with whisky for the upcoming festivities. As the party helps him, they are attacked by The Bugge. Thoram clambers on the cart and shoots his long bow to aid in the fight. With the Bugge killed, the party escort Thoram to Devlan.

Thoram Malt

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