Nari Reaver

Cook (The Bull Arms), Human


Slender and motherly, with a thick grey braid. She is a handsome woman for her age.

As the best cook in the village, she fills that role in helping Baron run the inn. She is kind and welcoming to all. She is said to be implacable when she has made up her mind.

She forms part of the Women’s Council and can be quite courageous when the needs is there.



Party Interaction

Smoke Without Fire – Nari is encountered at the Bull Arms keeping the villagers out and allowing the newly arrived musicians (Merdil Lintham, Lars Lintham and Lina Lintham) to have some peace to eat and rest.

Stalled Negotiations – Nari has been looking after the group in a motherly way ensuring they are well fed and cared for.

Nari Reaver

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