Merits and Flaws

Merits and Flaws are a way of enhancing the character outside the normal game mechanics. Merits are beneficial skills, behaviour knowledge or influences the character has, while flaws are detrimental. Thus, merits can give a bonus to skill checks and flaws a penalty.

The lists below are not definitive but give some indication of what is possible and what has been thought of so far.


Name Description
Acrobatic The character is unusually dextrous with the ability to perform leaps, flips and tumbles. In appropriate situations, the character receives a +1D bonus for each level.
Affinity The character has a special understanding of the named topic. This gives a bonus to any skills involving knowledge about the topic.
Area Knowledge This reflects a character’s deep understanding of a particular geographical region. They gain a +1D bonus per level when considering anything natural or normal for that area.
Camouflage The character can virtually disappear from sight in the given terrain. Anyone looking for them suffers a -1D penalty to their Spot Detail roll per level. Note that the merit only works while the character is motionless. Moving requires a normal stealth or stalk roll.
Enemy The character hates the target group with a passion. They have made it their life’s work to study the target and gain any combat advantage they can. A +1D bonus per level is added to attacks against the target group
Improved Initiative The character has lightning reflexes that yield a bonus in encounters where speed is essential. For combat purposes, +1 is added to the character’s weapon skill per level of the improved initiative for the first round. This is decreased by one each round until it reaches 0.
Low Light Vision The character can see perfectly well in low-light conditions and is not hindered by penalties to sight based skills in such conditions.
Read and Write The character can read and write the common language in addition to any racial or regional languages they may know.
Unarmed Combat The character is well skilled in unarmed combat gaining a +1D bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls and soak roals.


Name Description
Armour Penalty While wearing armour is not excluded by the character’s profession, doing so may hamper certain skills. Most commonly affected skills are Agility or Underworld based.
Enemy The character has a particular cause to hate the named target. As such, they come across as being hostile when trying to deal with members of the target group (or individual concerned). A -1D penalty is applied to all peaceful skills in these situations such as Orate and Persuade.
Inferiority In the eyes of others, the character has little standing in the world. Their opinions, suggestions and plans are often overlooked. A -1D penalty per level is applied to appropriate skills.
Lightly Armoured The character has a set of skills that can be hindered should they wear armour heavier than simple leather. The penalty applied is dependant on the skills and armour type.
Oath Bound Words are bounds to the character. If they pledge to do something they will try to see it done, no matter what.
Self-Destruct When using Old Tech (or a particular kind of magic) the character is taking a huge risk. Should their skill or talent fail, there is a chance that the Old Tech explodes (or the magic backfires) causing damage to the character.
Superiority The character carries an air of arrogance about them giving others the impression that the character is somehow better than everyone else. This can hinder the character’s interaction with other, giving a -1D penalty to all interactions with the other races.
Tithed The character owes part of their money to a business, religion or other organisation. This is taken against all income earned or found by the character. This is set at 10% per level.
Wanderer The character doesn’t set down roots and is constantly expecting to be on the move. This does not mean the character can’t stay in the one location for any length of time, more that they refuse to set up a home. In addition, any equipment or wealth that can’t be carried is discarded.

Merits and Flaws

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