Humans are the most diverse of all the races. They have many nations with different philosophies and modes of government. One thing most have in common is a sense of co-operation. However, that can be restricted to only those in the same culture, nation, or religion making those seem almost xenophobic. Others believe that co-operation extends across the globe and includes all races without prejudice.

At least that’s the impression they like to give. The people at the top end of government talk a good talk, very few walk a good walk. Conspiracy and corruption is rife. All-in-all, most nations, organisation, religious orders just want their own share of power and to grab as many resources as they for their own citizens, stakeholders and followers.

The Telcanis

The Telcanis are different from most human nations. For one thing they aren’t really a nation as such. They occupy a region known as The Blane, in a somewhat wild part of the world. It’s a crossing point between most of the big nations and opposing powers. It’s one of the few areas where the different races mix freely.


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