Dantha e'Tan


The Dantha e’Tan – as Elves call themselves – believe they are the oldest of the races and as a result are the sole keepers of the world, and the preservers of nature. None of the other races have shown as great a concern for the natural world. In effect, they view themselves as the world’s guardians and do their best to teach the younger races. Of course this has lead to many resentments and conflicts as it is often seen as meddling, arrogance and haughtiness by the younger races.

In the past, their biggest enemy was the bloodthirsty Dwarves. They have at least dampened their once-violent tendencies. Now, they are at a stand-off with several human nations. The humans are hell bent on stripping the world of its resources, leading to the inevitable destruction of the environment. They’ve come close before and haven’t learned any lessons. As a result, the Dantha e’Tan have found themselves in an arms race with the humans, in order protect as much as they can.

Starting Attributes and Skills

Academia 2D Any two skills
Agility 3D Alertness, Balance, Climb, Dodge, Rope Use, Throw
Commerce 2D Appraise, Stewardship, Trade
Composure 3D Bravery, Concentrate, Leadership, Rally, Resist Mind Attacks, Resist Torture
Constitution 2D Natural Healing, Resist Disease, Resist Poison, Resist Shock, Stamina, Taste
Culture 2D Etiquette, Gossip, Law and Justice, Local Lore
Nature 2D Animal Empathy, Animal Lore, Follow Tracks, Identify Tracks, Intimidate Animal, Plant Lore, Stalk, Survival (Forest)
Perception 3D Follow Tracks, Listen, Reveal Illusion, Spot Detail
Personality 2D Command, Con, Flirting, Information Gathering, Orate, Persuade, Politics, Romance
Strength 2D Intimidate, Lift, Jump, Muscle, Resist Paralysis, Swimming

Starting Weapon Skills

Brawl 2D Melee
Club 2D Melee
Knife 2D Melee, Throw (5)
Short Sword 2D Melee
Sling 2D Missile (30)

Racial Merits

Low Light Vision

Racial Flaws

Superiority (1)

Dantha e'Tan

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