These are the Wee Folk – as the other races call them. As a race, they refer themselves as the Bin’Eria (Descendants of Erium). They are short typically only standing around waist height to a human. They are also normally rotund and good natured.

Wee Folk is a derogatory term for the Bin’Eria – referring to both their size and importance in the world. They are often overlooked in all matters as if they are of no consequence. Something that irks them when they stop to give it thought in matters of importance. Most of the time they are just happy to be left alone to do as they please. Many of the elders still hold grudges against the other races though, or to be more precise against certain religions who were responsible for a Crusade against the Bin’Eria in the time of their great-grandfathers.


The De’Eblana are one of the regional clans and have an oral tradition that The Blane belongs to them. They were the first to settle the area but over the course of centuries the other races came in and took over. Eblana is their name for the area with De’Eblana meaning “[People] of Eblana”.

Starting Attributes and Skills

Agility 3D Alertness, Balance, Climb, Dodge, Rope Use, Throw
Commerce 2D Appraise, Stewardship, Trade
Composure 3D Bravery, Concentrate, Leadership, Rally, Resist Mind Attacks, Resist Torture
Constitution 2D Natural Healing, Resist Disease, Resist Poison, Resist Shock, Stamina, Taste
Culture 2D Etiquette, Gossip, Law and Justice, Local Lore
Luck 2D Any one skill
Perception 3D Follow Tracks, Listen, Reveal Illusion, Spot Detail
Personality 2D Command, Con, Flirting, Information Gathering, Orate, Persuade, Politics, Romance
Strength 2D Intimidate, Lift, Jump, Muscle, Resist Paralysis, Swimming
Underworld 2D Any three skills

Starting Weapon Skills

Brawl 2D Melee
Club 2D Melee
Knife 2D Melee, Throw (5)
Quarterstaff 2D Melee
Sling 2D Missile (30)

Racial Merits

Acrobatic (1), Comouflage (1)

Racial Flaws

Inferiority (1), Lightly Armoured


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