Darcosia – The Eye of the Dragon

A world off magic, myths, mystical faiths and old technology. It is a world once almost destroyed by a global war. A world in which global powers taunt and posture once more as they gather ever more power. A slim glimmer of hope remains. In a backwater land, neutral to the outside world, a delegation of two of the greatest powers meet to open initial negotiations. They want to bring the world back from the brink of war – a war that this time would surely destroy the whole world.

A group of adventurers find themselves, unwittingly and unwillingly, thrust into the middle of the tension. They must negotiate the tricky world of politics, unravel hidden sercrets, and outmaneuvere enemies on all sides – as they quest for the hidden artefact known as The Eye of the Dragon. Can they find it first and save the world from destruction.

The Eye of the Dragon

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